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Welcome to Jeddah Clinic Hospital Al Kandarah.
Established in the year 1969G as the first private hospital in the city, Jeddah Clinic Hospital played a pioneer role in patient care in Jeddah. Located in the middle of town, Al Kandarah Dist., the hospital is fully equipped with up-to-date medical equipments & instruments. All OPD Clinics, Emergency Room and all medical support services are located on the ground floor while 3 other floors are available for inpatients. Also there is a well-equipped lecture hall connected by closed circuit audio-visual facility with operation theatre that allows operation be watched and live discussion held with surgeons.
Our medical team consists of consultants certified with U.K. fellowship, Egyptian M.D and U.S Board in all branches of medicine. The hospital sponsored many symposia and training courses for physicians from inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Due to the success in high quality of patient care and increasing number of patients visiting the hospital, another hospital New Jeddah Clinic Hospital was established in 1979G.
Out-Patient Clinics
Out-Patient Reception operates an advanced Data Base System, so that Patient Medical Files are recorded accessed through the system without any delay to the patient as well as the treating consultant. Equipped with latest support systems and highly qualified Consultants and Doctors, our Out-Patient Clinics cover the following specialties:
• Internal Medicine
• Chest Diseases
• Gastroenterology
• Pediatrics
• Orthopedic Surgery
• Obstetrics and Gynaecology
• Dental and Oral Surgery
• General Surgery
• Cardiology and Vascular Diseases
• Neuro/Psychiatry
• Dermatology and Venereal Diseases
• E.N.T.
• Plastic Surgery
• Urology
• Neuro-Surgery
• Physical Therapy

In-Patient Department
Each room is furnished to a very high standard to provide comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for in-patients. Apart from special TV, video, fridge, telephone and other facilities, each Royal suites is furnished with cozy sofa and seating area for visitors. Spread over 3 floors, the rooms are categorized as: Royal Suites, Regular Suites, First Class Rooms, Second Class Rooms, Special Isolation Rooms, Intensive Care Unit-ICU and Nursery-Pediatric & Premature Intensive Care Unit.
Emergency Room
Full services are provided on a 24 hour basis. Supervised by a team of highly qualified Doctors and Registered Nurses, specialized in all aspects of Emergency Care, including Cardio-Pulmonary resuscitation, the Emergency Department has 4 fully equipped rooms where treatment and small operations can be done.
Operating Theatre
We have 5 operating rooms. Three used for different types of surgeries and two for deliveries and gynaecological operations. All are equipped with the latest models of anaesthetic machines with built-in ventilators and end tidal Co2 monitoring with special device for monitoring percent of inspiratory and expiratory anaesthetics and gases. Also Recovery Rooms are supplied by the most recent cardiovascular and respiratory monitors for safe recovery.
Medical Support Services
The medical Support Services provide an up-to-date & advanced technology to ensure that correct diagnosis of illnesses are made immediately and treated accordingly.
• X-Ray Department
• 24 Hrs Laboratory
• Physical Therapy
• 2 Pharmacies
• Optical Centre
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