Our Mission

To provide safe , best quality health care services exceeding our customers expectations.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be leaders amongst private medical care providers in Jeddah.


Core Values

Seven Core Values Supporting Our Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives

  • EXCELENCE : Achieving the best. It is exceeding others expectations, doing things right the first time, and continually improving performance.

  • CREATIVITY : Using knowledge and imagination to enhance or develop new programs, services and relationships. It enables us to see problems as opportunities to improve.

  • INTEGRITY :Living in harmony with our values. It is acting honestly and responsibly at all times.

  • CARING :Anticipating and meeting other people's needs. It is seeing Anxiety, loneliness, and hurt, and taking time to support, comfort and help.

  • LEADERSHIP : An attitude, not a position. It seeks a vision of the whole, values both people and tasks, views failure as an opportunity to learn, and celebrates successes.

  • TEAM WORK : Working together to achieve a common goal. It requires sharing knowledge and using our talents and skills cooperatively.

  • COMPETENCY :Having the knowledge, skills and motivation needed to achieve peak performance. It requires technical expertise, interpersonal effectiveness and a commitment to lifelong learning.


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