Your Responsibilities Include:

  • Know and follow the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the JCKH Rules and Regulations as explained to you by the JCKH Staff.
  • Be cooperative, helpful and follow the recommendations / instructions given to you by your treating Consultant / Physician, nurses or other staff involved in your care.
  • Inform your treating Consultant/Physician or the nurse in-charge of your care if you do not understand your illness, diagnosis, treatment or prognosis.
  • Inform the nurse, treating Consultant/Physician or the social worker of any dissatisfaction you may have in regards to your care at the hospital.
  • Be considerate and respect the rights of other patients and Hospital Staff, and help in the control of noise, unnecessary disturbance (s) and/or discomfort to others.
  • Ensure to take all measures to protect Hospital properties, whether inside or outside your room from damage or vandalism.
  • Refrain from using a mobile phone (Al Jawal) within the hospital.
  • Ensure not to SMOKE in your room or within the hospital premises and advise your visitors to do the same.

Smoking Policy

  • Tobacco smoking is major preventable cause of much disease in smokers and non-smokers. The New Jeddah Clinic Hospital is committed to the promotion of a healthy environment for all patients, visitors, and staff. Therefore, it is our policy, to make the hospital and outpatient facilities a smoke-free environment.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all common areas of residences halls including lounges, rest rooms and hallways.
  • Smoking is generally not permitted in patient rooms unless granted by physician under strict conditions if considered necessary and must be documented on the patient’s chart.
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