Unit Head Operating Hours
Dr. Marwah Rashad Saturday – Thursday 8:00 a.m. 8.00 p.m.

Rheumatology is the subspecialty of internal medicine and pediatrics devoted to the care of patients' musculoskeletal pain and arthritis. The most recent statistics showed that there are about 180 rheumatic diseases. Yet, patients often consider that rheumatic diseases are inevitable results of autoimmune compromise and aging and they are incurable diseases. The Rheumatology Unit works to debunk these as untrue. Just as today's rheumatologists know much more about rheumatic diseases than they did only a few years ago, the Rheumatology Unit at Jeddah Clinic Hospital Al Kandarah (JCKH) is proud to be among the most advanced in the kingdom.

The JCKH Rheumatology Unit was recognized as among the best in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Unit takes the responsibility of diagnosis and treatment of different rheumatic diseases. They also educate patients to become aware of the various rheumatic illnesses, the best possible treatments and how they can cope with these illnesses. Awareness and early diagnosis is being stressed to help the patients prevent the complications of the diseases which sometimes cause irreversible joint damage.

Clinical Programs and Services

The Unit supports the community through various services, arranges meetings and provides public health education. Rheumatology consultants share in the continuity of medical education and present the recent advances in Rheumatology during the CME meetings.

The Jeddah Clinic Hospital Al Kandarah (JCKH) has one of the most modern hospital patients’ services and management especially in the area of rheumatology. In fact, the Rheumatology Unit is one of the most important units. We have adopted the best management procedures for our patients through:

  • Continuous education of our community and our patients on rheumatic diseases (their epidemiology, clinical presentations and management).
  • Computerization of rheumatology histories from which we obtain comprehensive case analyses and diagnosis.
  • Application of the most recent medical technology in relief and pain management.
  • Coordination between the Rheumatology Unit and other departments.

We can diagnose and treat rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematous, Gout, polymyalgia rheumatic, fibromyalgia, polymyosistis and dermatomyositis, vascuilitis, seronegative spondyloarthropathies (e.g. Ankylosing spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis) and different types of children's arthritis.

The Unit prides itself on having a specialized clinic for the treatment of different types of osteoporosis like Postmenopausal Osteoporosis, Male Osteoporosis and Steroid Induced Osteoporosis.

Headed by our Consultant Rheumatologist, the Unit is competent in the management of various rheumatic diseases. The Unit is also capable of dealing with different disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs as well as the new targeted biologic agents in the treatment of different autoimmune diseases.


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