Unit Head Operating Hours
Dr. Mohamed Hassan Bassyouni 24 Hours Seven Days a Week

The emergence of pharmacy as a clinical profession has given pharmacists the skills and knowledge to improve the outcomes of drug therapy. It also presents them with the responsibility for those results. Pharmaceutical care is concerned with the effect of their services on patients' quality of life and not merely with the act of providing services. They work with other health-care professionals as equals to ensure that therapeutic goals are achieved and that drug-related illness does not occur or is quickly detected and resolved.

The Department of Pharmacy at the Jeddah Clinic Hospital Al-Kandarah provides pharmaceutical care through promoting positive patient outcomes in concert with the health-care team by utilizing the pharmacist as the primary drug therapy manager and the technicians as the medication distributor. It is our mission to provide better quality service for patients, users and caregivers and develop the pharmaceutical profession.

Clinical Programs and Services

Our pharmacy is manned by professional pharmacists rendering service round the clock, 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Our pharmacists are always available to answer any pharmaceutical inquiries including medical clarification regarding the side-effects and drug-drug interactions. Pharmacy caters to both inpatients and out patients. A new, better and state-of-the-art pharmacy is coming up soon ideally located in the new extended wing of the hospital.

Being fully computerized, our pharmacy helps us to serve the patients better and reduce paper work. Patients’ prescription can be checked and prepared by the pharmacist even before they come to the pharmacy. We, in the pharmacy, have access to view all the medications taken by the patient from different doctors in our hospital, helping us prevent unnecessary repeat of the medications. Our system also includes an Allergy Alarm which will be triggered if disclosed by the patient.

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