Unit Head Operating Hours
Dr. Yasser Amin Saturday – Thursday : 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

It is no longer accepted that cardiac cases are looked after by a physician with a stethoscope and an ECG machine.

Our cardiology department was established over two years ago envisioned to go miles beyond this image. It is headed by a highly qualified cardiologist, assisted by other cardiologists. The ECGs are interpreted by computers as well as by cardiologists.

The Hospital is completely wired and equipped on real-time tele-monitoring.

The department is planning its next phase of cardiac catheterization and interventional procedures.

Clinical Programs and Services

  • Advanced, computerized echocardiography (analyzing the sounds of the heart), color Doppler studies and long-term ambulatory heart rhythm monitoring are integral facilities of the Cardiology Department.
  • Stress testing and imaging studies during exercise are routine in the department.
  • The Cardiology Department is equally active in preventing heart disease.
  • Comprehensive assessment of cardiac function, early detection and correction of risks are practiced with all patients.
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