Dental clinics covers the whole range from conservative dentistry, endodontic, periodontics and prosthetics. Oral and cosmetics are routine in this department. The department prides itself in its programmer of preventative dental examination for children and pregnant women.
Emergency dental care is available in the Hospital round-the-clock.

Our service

Qualified Doctors

Diseases of the mouth and the jaws are attended by specialists. Denton-facial deformities, tempura-mandibular joint abnormalities and jaw deformities are assessed and corrected. Trauma, serious disease and deformities are managed in this clinic covered by consultants to ensure optimum care for our patients.

Most Important Diseases Addressed

Endodontic treatment
Aesthetic fillings
Fixed and removable Dentures
Peadodontic treatment under general anesthesia
Dental surgery

Health information

We provide health education services to patients and community members to increase health awareness and develop their skills in relation to disease, prevention methods, treatment plans and alternative therapies

Physician’s Team