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2 doct and providesserv for patients through
Outpatient clinic, In patient ,internal departments and surgeries

Our ENT Unit provides diagnosis and management of the following conditions:

Ear Diseases:
Audiometry and Tympanometry for assessing hearing loss
Diagnosis and management of dizziness, positional vertigo and Meniere's disease
Microscopic surgery of the ear for perforated drum to improve hearing
Microscopic surgery of the ear to remove sclerotic stapes bone to improve hearing
Grommet's tube insertion for treatment of fluid collection in the middle ear (Secretory Otitis Media).

Nose and Sinus Diseases:
Diagnosis and treatment of allergy, blockage of the nose and diseases of the sinuses
Sinus surgery using the fiber optic endoscopes
Surgery for deviation of the nasal septum
Diagnosis and treatment of bleeding from the nose
Reduction of the size of the nasal turbinates for treatment of nasal blockage using Coblation or Laser techniques

Throat Diseases:
Removal of Tonsils and Adenoids using the Coblation technique with minimal pain.
Microscopic surgery of laryngeal diseases affecting the voice such as vocal cords polyps and nodules.
Diagnosis and treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea Syndrome.
Diagnosis and treatment of mouth and pharyngeal diseases.

Our service

Qualified Doctors

Conditions of the ear, nose and throat receive special attention at the JCH-K. Painless removal of the tonsils (by coblation), endoscopic surgery and advanced microscopic procedures are routine in this department. We also diagnose and treat snoring and sleep apnea syndrome and mouth and pharyngeal diseases.
We have recently made available services for ambulatory surgery and preoperative laboratory testing.

Most Important Diseases Addressed

Tonsillitis, Adenoids
Ent surgery
Allergic rhinitis
Deviated nasal septum hypertrophic
Otitis media external

Health information

We provide health education services to patients and community members to increase health awareness and develop their skills in relation to disease, prevention methods, treatment plans and alternative therapies

Physician’s Team