Pediatric Clinic
Pediatric Clinic


Outpatient clinics working from 8 am to 12 midnist giving all medical sevices and waccination
In patient ward for patient heading advanced medical care
Nursery for normal new babies
Nicu for newborn ,preterm ,respiratory distress or needs more medical care

Our service

Qualified Doctors

Pediatric clinics are working 6/7 from 8 am to 12 midnight and covered by consultants to ensure optimum care for our patients.

Most Important Diseases Addressed

Premature from 32 weeks gestational age
Respiratory distress syndrome
Neonatal jaundice
Respiratory tract infections pneumonia
Bronchial asthma
Epilepsy convulsions rickets
Vitamin d deficiency
Diabetic ketoacidosis

Health information

We provide health education services to patients and community members to increase health awareness and develop their skills in relation to disease, prevention methods, treatment plans and alternative therapies

Physician’s Team