Scope of service & accreditation:
JCKH laboratory is a certified and accredited lab. It provides Chemistry, Immunochemistry, Hematology, Immunohematology, Coagulation and Serology testing on site, in addition to Blood Bank services.
The JCKH laboratory is licensed and fully accredited with MOH و CBAHI, & ARAMCO. Testing within the laboratory & Blood bank is performed and supervised by certified, well qualified Medical laboratory technicians & specialists with very long experience. The laboratory and Blood bank is directed and managed by Consultant Clinical Pathologist with more than 25 years’ experience. The Phlebotomists are trained and educated in the field of Phlebotomy.

Our service

Lab Results’ Reporting Schedule

Mostly issued in the same shift 9 AM - 1 PM / 5 - 9 PM, if patient attends enough time before end of the shift.
No appointment is given in the last 15 minutes of shift to avoid OPD clinics disturbance. Patients attend lately in shift they can receive their lab results at start of next shift.
All in house lab tests could be issued within two hours except bacterial cultures, tuberculin test, gram stain smears & Ziehl Neelsen stain smears. Medical checkup report will be ready within 24 hours.

Blood Bank

Equipped with three blood bank refrigerators, Fresh Frozen Plasma freezer, plasma thawer, cooling centrifuge to separate blood components, platelet agitator with incubator, blood bag collection mixer balance, electric tube sealer and plasma separator stand.
Enough PRBCs & FFP stocks are kept for emergency. We depend on patient’s relatives/friends blood donation to build our stocks.
All donor screening tests are conducted in house except NAT we send to National Guard Hospital. We accept blood units with transmissible disease safety certificates from MOH blood banks and transfuse them free of charge according to MOH regulations except for cross-matching & retyping.

Quality Control program:
JCHK lab consumes internal & external quality control QC programs. Internal QC program ensure running of 2- 3 levels of each lab test daily for its validation, running patient QC samples between machines performing same lab tests to ensure allowable difference between results. External QC which include samples to be tested in our lab and we send their results to international outside country labs in Europe & United States to evaluate our results and send their feedback through internal sites of that labs. We share in eleven programs involve all lab & blood bank services.

New in House Service:
Vitamin D 25OH , Vitamin B12, Folic acid, anti-CCP to diagnose Rheumatoid arthritis, BNP to diagnose heart failure, Urea Breath Test, Glycated Hemoglobin using reference method, Dengue & Influenza tests with results within one hour to start treatment immediately. Apt test to differentiate between fetal & maternal blood in newborn vomitous.

General checkup program:
Include; fasting blood sugar test, kidney function tests urea & creatinine , liver function tests ALT, Albumin , lipid profile cholesterol; total , HDL, LDL & Triglyceride , Complete Blood Count CBC , ESR, Uric acid , Complete urine analysis, occult blood in stool.
It requires 12 – 14 hours fasting, drinking pure water is allowed during fasting period.
 Centers for Disease Control & prevention CDC of united states recommends at least checkup once yearly or lesser period depend on age , smoking , obesity , style of life , diabetics , hypertensive & other health conditions.
Regular checkup early discover health problems before complications.

Scope of service

Cover all lab & Blood Bank services 24 hrs. daily 7 days weekly.

Unique Equipped Lab

Lab utilizes backup system for all equipments, to avoid unexpected machine trouble shooting disturbing lab services and different methodology machines to verify results. All equipments are fully automated, automatically load, take & read samples.
In Chemistry and Immunochemistry; Konelab prime60 wet chemistry, and Vitros 350 dry chemistry auto analyzers.
In Serology; two Architect i1000 Chemiluminescences auto analyzers.
For CBC: Cell-Dyn Ruby & Cell-Dyn 3700 counting blood cells by both optical & impedance principles.
GEM Premier 3000 Blood Gas Analyzer with IQM’s active process control programs monitors cartridge integrity & system performance, including automatic corrective action and documentation, for the entire on - board use - life of the cartridge.
TOSOH G8 Column Chromatography Analyzer for Glycated Hemoglobin.
EC Headway UBT-01 Breath Test Analyzer for Urea Breath Test (UBT) to diagnose stomach H.pylori infection.

Physician’s Team

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