It is one of the most recognizable department city wide we care all orthopedic problems in cluding joints arthropathy and all types of musculoskeletal and trauma.
The Department of Orthopedic Surgery provides a wide range of treatment options for various Pediatric (children), Adult and Geriatric (old age) musculoskeletal injuries and diseases.
The hospital has regular visits of orthopedic surgeons of repute from different parts of the world. The resident orthopedic surgeons work alongside these visiting doctors to provide expert service to the community.

Our service

Qualified Doctors

The Orthopedic department works in close association with the department of Neurosciences, Plastic & Reconstructive surgery, Rheumatology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for the treatment of various peripheral neurological conditions, musculoskeletal deformities, arthritis and sports injuries respectively.

Most Important Diseases Addressed

All types of trauma and fracture either simple or open types.
Musculoskeletal disorders.
Sport medicine.
Pediatric orthopedics and deformity conction.
Hand and foot surgery.
Shoulder surgery.
Cerebral polsy.

Health information

We provide health education services to patients and community members to increase health awareness and develop their skills in relation to disease, prevention methods, treatment plans and alternative therapies

Physician’s Team